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Code of Conduct


Weco-Travel is a company that strives to provide the highest quality services, while applying the highest standards of conducting business activities.
Our values - respect, trust, cooperation, responsibility, reliability, precision, consistency and efficiency - give direction to our actions and lead us to success. Together we can do more!

This Code of Conduct sets out the fundamental values that guide us as well as the legal, economic and ethical principles of behavior and action in our everyday business relations.


1. The Company expects both itself and all employees to comply with the standards set out in this Code of Conduct.
2. We are strongly oriented on the achievement of the assumed goals and results.
3. The goals we set, we perceive through the prism of our values.
4. In every country where we operate, we comply with the law.
5. We do not cooperate with dishonest partners who have a bad reputation, break the law, disregard the principles of ethics and the principles of our Code of Conduct.
6. We always try to resolve disputes with our business partners or other stakeholders amicably, on the basis of mutual understanding.
7. Our activities are conducted in an ethical and transparent manner.


1. We treat our business partners honestly.
2. We strictly observe the rules regarding competition.
3. Our internal procedures ensure security of storing and processing customer data.
4. We do not offer or transfer any unauthorized benefits in order to induce any person or entity to act or cease to act.


1. Weco Travel (CZ), s.r.o. respects its employees and ensures that mutual relations are based on the foundations of respect and trust.
2. Weco Travel (CZ), s.r.o. does not allow any cases of discrimination.
3. We care for the employees’ development, both personal and professional.
4. We do everything in our power to ensure that the conditions of employment are fair and meet all the requirements of national law and the relevant conventions of the International Labor Organization.


1. Our employees may not accept or offer any gifts or hospitality, regardless of their value.
2. Representatives of public authority may be invited to meals or entertainment events only in exceptional cases, if it is commercially reasonable.
3. It is strictly forbidden to receive and give gifts in the form of cash or its equivalents, as well as gifts in kind, if there is a suspicion about the corrupt nature of the gift.


1. A conflict of interest is a set of circumstances that can cause a collision between employees' professional duties and their private interest, when the private interest, due to its nature and intensity, can reasonably be considered as affecting or influencing the independence and impartiality of the exercised duties.
2. Employees shall avoid any conflict of interest and in case of its occurrence, each employee is obliged to notify an immediate superior in writing.


1. All together and each separately, both at work and outside of it, we care for our environment by reducing the use of consumables to the necessary minimum.
2. We save water through its controlled and reasonable consumption.


1. In case of violation of the Code of Conduct, any corporate principle or internal regulation that may arise after the implementation of the Code of Conduct, in addition to the consequences of criminal and civil law, all necessary steps - organizational, disciplinary and legal - will be taken to adequately address the detected violation and prevent it from being repeated in the future.
2. Every employee must comply with the law and other regulations regarding the position held. Any circumstances or events of which legitimacy might seem doubtful or could reasonably be expected to create the impression of being improper or detrimental to the reputation of Weco-Travel (CZ), s.r.o. they should be immediately reported to the direct superior.
3. Every new employee is required to read this Code of Conduct on the first day at work.