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Walking with Assistance competition walk
On 26 May 2016, the Weco-Travel team took part in a charity event to support assistance for people with disabilities. The participants' task was to complete a route through Prague in wheelchairs and as assistants to people with disabilities. The event was aimed at raising money for assistance services for 50 more people with physical and combined disabilities.
"During the event, we could put ourselves in the shoes of people with various kinds of disabilities and we had to complete interesting tasks. Excited by the amazing views and the event itself, we were the only team to climb up more than 80 stairs with the wheelchair, as we got even to places where we actually hadn't planned to go. On the Střelecký Island, our efforts were honoured with a wonderful first place out of the 20 competing teams!" says, with excitement, Ondra Kokoška, who was a member of the team along with Tereza J., Marika M., Dan K. and Honza F.

Asistence o.p.s. provides social services to more than 250 people with physical and combined disabilities in Prague. These services include personal assistance, support during transition from schools to communities (the "Transit Programme") and during job search (supported employment). The association's long-term efforts focus on the removal of barriers in public transportation.

Diploma 1.

We like to help
In cooperation with the Jedlička Institute and Asistence o.p.s. and their Transit Programme service, which is intended for people with physical and combined disabilities at times when they are thinking about changes in their lives, we provided one of their students, Honza Holna, with the opportunity to intern at our company.
Honza is a third-grade student at the Business School and an internship is a mandatory part of his studies. The objective of his internship is for him to gain knowledge and practical experience in "his" field of study directly at an employer, improve his chances in the job market, get to know the real business environment and develop his communication and social skills.
Very often, an internship is the students' very first work experience in the open job market. The students can then use this experience when looking for a job after graduation or when planning their future. We are happy to be able to fulfil Honza's dreams and expectations.

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