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Corporate Travel

Weco-Travel was established (as Intercontact in 1990) in reaction to growing customer needs in the area of business travel. Our customers have always been our utmost priority, and so has their satisfaction and trust. Thanks to more than 25 years of our presence in the Czech market and our personalised approach to the needs of every single customer, we can rely on our long-standing cooperation with a number of partners.

Weco-Travel is presently one of the leaders in the business travel market both in the Czech Republic and world-wide. We are part of a chain of travel agencies in Central and Eastern Europe, with offices in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Thanks to technology investments, all Weco-Travel offices are linked by a very efficient, state-of-the-art IT system. This allows us to provide our customers with high-quality services in line with the adopted standards, irrespective of the customer's location.

Weco-Travel (CZ) is the only shareholder of Radius Global Travel Management in the Czech Republic. Radius Travel is one of the world's five largest companies offering services in the area of business travel management. Thanks to this cooperation, you will have access to high-quality and reliable partners that will assist you with your travel needs in 80 countries of the world.
Cooperation with Weco-Travel gives you a guarantee of reliability – thanks to its membership in an international organization, Weco-Travel can offer global coverage, expertise and access to state-of-the-art technologies used in business travel management, while maintaining the local nature of its services and providing safety guarantees.

Our mission is professional and comprehensive business travel management. We respond to the needs of our customers proactively using modern technologies. The range of our activities encompasses not only booking flight and train tickets, hotel reservations, car rental services or visa agency, but also a broad range of consulting and after-sales services. The objective of Weco-Travel is to optimise the business travel costs of our customers. Thanks to the work of our experienced consultants, we reduce costs related to business travels. Savings are also generated by discounts resulting from tripartite agreements with subcontractors which Weco-Travel negotiates on the customer’s behalf.

All customers are provided with detailed reports showing the performed transactions. The reports are adjusted to individual requirements and needs of every customer. Precise calculations are possible thanks to advanced saving reports, which present savings resulting from individual transactions performed by Weco-Travel. At the beginning of cooperation, Weco-Travel prepares a programme supporting cost optimisation together with the customer. Consulting services aim to examine, build and implement your travel policy with respect to the optimisation of expenses in each centre where costs are generated. A uniform travel policy and clearly determined travelling principles also help generate additional savings.

For the purpose of optimising business travel costs, a dedicated Key Account Manager analyses your expenses and negotiates agreements on your behalf. Weco-Travel decreases travel costs by proposing the cheapest option available at the moment of booking. Thanks to proper technology, knowledge, experience and the commitment of our consultants, we can provide fully professional services.