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Catalogue of MICE values

  • we develop internal structures based on the following principle: “think globally, act locally”;
  • our employees are our strength; we treat them with respect and trust;
  • we look for reliable and trustworthy partners and suppliers;
  • we adjust business decisions to the needs of our customers and the changing environment;
  • we extend the portfolio of services in order to meet our customers’ expectations;
  • we only cooperate with verified contractors and support local communities;
  • we build long-term relations with institutional customers;
  • safety and customer satisfaction are the most important for us;
  • we implement projects in line with trade ethics and respect for business partners;
  • we aim to achieve business goals together with our customers.



Our Experience

Every year, we handle dozens of projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. Our company offers services both to large and medium-sized companies and serves thousands of clients a year. We cooperate with customers from around the globe, we speak six languages and have at least 26 years of experience in trip organisation. We are members of the Association of Czech Travel Agents.


Communication and information materials

An important element in organising trips is communication and a marketing framework. In this respect, we offer:

  • start-up and follow-up: dispatch of materials to participants, video invitations, teasers, photo-reports, logo design and a slogan for the trip;
  • preparation and printing of promotional and substantive materials for the trip;
  • key visual: branding during the entire trip;
  • coordination and sending of invitations;
  • communication platform and websites.



Safety is our priority when organising trips. We work in compliance with the Czech law and the local laws of the individual destination countries. The confidentiality of our customers' data is our primary concern and we act in accordance with the recommendations of the Personal Data Protection Office. We have an insurance policy in place for the event of insolvency of our travel agency. Our verified quality commitment is supported by the certificate of the Czech Service Quality System. Our customers always come first.
At Weco-Travel, we implement and promote best environmental practices.
We work with companies that document activities in the area of environmental protection.
Our experience shows that these activities stimulate the trip participants and have a positive influence on their ties to the company.


We support our projects with state-of-the-art technologies which allow trips to be managed efficiently and safely. We offer the following tools: Travel Manager, Communication Platform, an online tool for service ordering and detailed reporting.