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... when there are topics to present and achievements to celebrate

Present your products, services and visions. Thank your clients and employees by organising an original event. We are creative, detail-oriented and resourceful. Events – exceptional experiences perceived with all your senses.
Social events, company presentations, gala banquets, lunches, dinners, gala branch openings, gala events to thank for mutual cooperation, Christmas parties, company parties, fashion shows, cultural premières, etc.

Your task is to prepare the substantive part of the event; we deal with communicating with the participants, logistics, accommodation, organisation of meals, arrangement of additional attractions. We cooperate with event agencies that can additionally provide an attractive thematic setting for a conference. We also offer modern technologies that streamline the participant registration system, preparation of the agenda and monitoring the course of the conference.

Sports Travel
... when you want to make a team

Anywhere in the world, sport is a great form of relaxation, helping find team players or improve their team skills.

Team Building
... when relationships in the group need to be fixed

The primary objective and benefit of these activities is purpose-designed team building and team development aimed at improving work performance. Thanks to shared experiences, the relationships between the individual team members can be deepened in a much more natural and enjoyable way – imagine an AC Milan match, a tapas bar crawl in Barcelona, a visit to a brewery with a beer tasting in Prague or a cycling tour of Dublin.

We can create a personalised website of an event or incentive trip for you
The benefits of such a website are:
- Efficient communication with the client as well as between the organiser and the participants
- Professional approach using the wow effect
- Provision of information on the programme of the trip
- Visualisation of the attractions
- Opportunity to choose from among the available options and ask the organiser questions
- Picture and video library related to the trips
- Text messages and bulletins

New technologies:
- Website of the event
- Online registration / reservation systems
- Travel Manager – a mobile app
- Travellers receive the programme and the necessary information in electronic form

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