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Meetings & Conferences

Training sessions and the exchange of experience during international conferences have a positive impact on the specialists’ performance and constitute an important investment in their professional development. They provide an opportunity for employees to increase their qualifications and for the strengthening of relationships with business partners. Well-chosen locations for training sessions and the accompanying programme always reinforce the message of the event. We offer comprehensive services for conferences and meetings in verified locations in the Czech Republic and abroad. We are aware of how many different elements influence the success of a conference, training session or business meeting. We assist our customers in the process of preparing and implementing such projects. We offer advanced technologies capable of streamlining the participant registration system, we will prepare the agenda and monitor the course of the conference.

We visit specific facilities on your behalf, monitor new centres and look for interesting local attractions. Hundreds of organised domestic trips mean that we are a verified partner, both for customers and for suppliers. The offer of foreign trips is addressed to dynamic sales teams which, during the trip, discover new resources and integrate. Bicycle trips in Ireland, skiing competitions in Austria, recreational winter trips in the Italian and Austrian Alps, windsurfing courses in Greece, kite surfing on Tenerife, jeep safari in Dubai or trekking on Madeira. In this respect, there are no restrictions and no limits! We also organise picnics for special occasions which, because of their casual formula, are a very important element of relaxation that allow staff to gather strength for further work and integrate the entire team.

We also encourage trips to European cities. Even a short break from work, integrating during a match of a well-known football team, a tapas bar crawl in Barcelona, a visit to a brewery and beer tasting in Prague or a Segway ride in Malta may turn out to be more efficient than long-hours with a coach in conference rooms.

Meetings constitute a verified way of team-building, improving group relations and choosing leaders.