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Detection controls inside selected checked baggage

Detection controls inside selected checked baggage

Dear Customers,
Effective 15 May 2017, in line with steps to increase passenger safety and pursuant to EU legislation, Security Control workers at Václav Havel Airport Prague will be performing detection controls inside selected checked baggage. During the procedure, certain pieces of baggage will be opened and physically checked for the presence of trace elements of explosives. The process will help prevent the loading of explosives into aircraft cargo holds.

Course of Inspection
The physical inspection will be performed under extremely strict safety measures. A group of trained specialists has been formed to perform the inspections. Co-operation with baggage manufacturers and manufacturers of safety locks has also been set-up to ensure airport workers can open most baggage without damaging it. The entire procedure will be documented and electronically monitored. A note for passengers will be placed into each inspected piece of baggage with a description of the inspection and instructions for next steps. A draft of the note is attached below. The piece of baggage will then be shrink-wrapped and secured with a Prague Airport-branded adhesive tape notifying the owner that the baggage was subjected to ETD control.


Steps to Be Taken in Case of Damaged Baggage
With certain safety measures in place (integrated locks without TSA), baggage may be damaged during its opening and it may become impossible to close and lock it again. In such cases, in addition to the shrink wrap, the baggage will also be secured with Prague Airport-branded safety straps.
The steps to be taken in case of damaged baggage have been consulted with handling agencies which provide their services at Václav Havel Airport Prague. We will instruct passengers with damaged baggage to contact the baggage claims desk at their final destination and to file a written claim within seven days from the incident occurrence (in line with EU Council Directive No. 2027/97).


Damaged baggage

Undamaged baggage